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Sponsored Ads Vs Blog Posts: The Pros & Cons

Dear Upcoming/emerging artiste, I know you want to post on popular pages and blogs with a high volume of followers and traffic, and for huge amounts you don’t have, but posting on these blogs or celebrity pages isn’t a guarantee that people will listen to or stream your music or even become fans of your music or you as an artiste.

My sincere advice to you is this, invest directly in yourself by doing sponsored ads directly from your page/socials/platforms. If you put that 150/200K you will pay to these blogs or celebrities on sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter it will guarantee you more streams than paid posts on those celebrity or popular blog pages.

Here is the simple reason why; when you pay for a post on those popular blogs and pages, they don’t/won’t go out of their way to add any extra value to your content or music, for them it’s just business so they go ahead and post it along with several others they have been paid for and move on.

What they are after asides from making money is engagement on their platform in the form of traffic (likes/views/comments) so within 24hrs they will take money from 10/20 other people and post both diverse and sometimes similar content to yours and before you know it your post is way down on their profile and lost in traffic on their page, so it becomes less visible and more unlikely that visitors to the page will see or engage with it, so not a lot of people get to see it or try to check it out.

But when you post on your own page and promote it via a sponsored ad it stays on your profile and will be the first thing anyone who comes across your page sees, and for as long as the ad is active. In addition, the post will be promoted for the number of days you specify or that you set the ad to run, which makes it visible to a lot of other pages/accounts as the platform will show it to many people including those who already know you, those who have never heard of you before and even some who aren’t even following you.

The ad will be shown to several different peoples, cultures, and pages over and over again for the duration of the sponsored ad. In this way, you will be in the faces of people and highly likely to have people checking out your page, your profile, and sometimes even streaming your music. You are also guaranteed to get a few new followers and fans of your music in the short and long term.

The plan is to maximize the meager resources available to you so why spend limited funds on another person who you are already providing with content when you can spend it directly on yourself. In doing so your page, brand and music will be promoted all at the same time.

Some will argue that when you post on these blogs and pages a lot of people are bound to see it and engage with it, but imagine this, you can also set your own custom parameters to target a particular region/location or engage with a specific people/pages or just anybody out there.

With sponsored ads you are in control of your destiny as you can set specific goals like post interactions or clicks on your profile or simply the regions or people your post will reach.

The followers and fans of these celebrity/blog pages rarely bother checking out new music posts, especially from upcoming/unknown acts, they are more likely to check out music from their favs, skits from online comedians and/or gossip rather than music from an unknown.

But on your page when they see your sponsored ad and click on it they already know what they are getting and are more likely to check it out, follow you, become fans, or listen/stream your music, to the advantage of your brand.

So if I were you I’d think twice about paying huge amounts for that blog post. In the long run it’s always better  to use your funds for sponsored ads directly from your page/profile/account. It’s cheaper for you and saves you cost especially when you are and you are an emerging/rising artiste with limited resources available to you.

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