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Self Belief, Preparation & Perseverance

As an artist upcoming or established, you can’t allow likes or the lack of, to determine your self-worth or belief in your abilities.
You’re an individual capable of doing & creating from your personal experiences. Your uniqueness is something no one can take from you. Don’t allow outside forces to decide or determine your actions. Even when you have enough funding and/or resources, you can’t control everything or how it will
work out. So do your best, control the things you can, put in the work, and leave those you cannot control to God.

Believe in yourself even when others don’t. Yes, it’s difficult to always see the bright and positive side of things especially when you don’t have the funding or resources required but nobody can hype or ginger you like yourself. And if you don’t ginger yourself, nobody will. So never give in or give up, continue to persevere. Use the resources/platforms you have no matter how meager to do whatever you can, however, you can.

Never allow what you see online/on social media cause you depression or make you feel you aren’t making any impact. Slow and steady is still movement and better than being stuck in one place. If what you see on social media depresses you then delete the app or log out for a while and give yourself a break and time to clear your head, but never deactivate or delete your account so you can keep your followers/fans and your unique handle.

There are several ways to keep busy so you can get your mind off things.

1. Write more songs, and turn your situation or condition into a song you never know if it will become a hit tomorrow.

2. Record more if you have access to a home or mobile studio.

3. Find like minds, friends or family who support you and keep them around you.

4. Research, read and study more, no knowledge is a waste. So use the downtime to prepare for the coming uptime.

5. If necessary get a job just so you can stay busy and be able to pay your bills, it won’t pay itself.

You don’t have to go to/for every event to be relevant or feel you are making an impact. But always make sure you surround yourself with positive-minded people.

Note, just because someone is in your circle doesn’t mean he/she is in your corner. Most times our problem is the people in our lives, the people close to us who have unfettered access to us. We outgrow people just like we outgrow clothes so don’t feel bad when you see you no longer connect with certain people. Because sometimes people begin to act up when they realize you have changed and that you have become more mature, and you are no longer the docile or meek person they used to know. They will label you proud, arrogant or insolent simply because you no longer allow them access to use you or manipulate you like they used to.

Don’t let what they say about you get into your head to affect you, your life, or your decisions going forward. Remember, we were all created uniquely in our own way and nobody was called at your creation or birth. So just trust God and do what is good for you and your conscience.

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