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Opinions don’t Determine your Future, They are just Opinions

Some people won’t like to hear this but the truth must be told.

It’s not easy being an upcoming artiste, producer or just plain upcoming in any career. People will disrespect, insult, abuse, mock and make fun of you at every turn.

A lot of people will break your heart. They will hide behind the guise of constructive advice/criticism to knock your craft as they bad mouth your skills, style or music.

Some Producers will not even want to hear you asking them for free beats or for their time to listen to you, while some OAPs & TV/radio stations will not play your music even when you do payola they will still say your music is not good enough on their belt or show.

Their shakara ehh no be here, but when God favours the artiste & he/she blows, they will turn around and say you are pompous, disrespectful etc. Were you nice to them when they were asking for your time or free beats? Did you respect him/her when he/she was going around begging for airplay or an interview? Truth be told a lot of upcoming acts actually have amazing music waiting to be discovered. Some of their works will blow your mind but getting airplay is only if/when they have an advocate or friend or someone to push or canvas for them.

Some of our A-Listers have loads of music out there that is not up to par but in their bid to do favoritism & eye service some OAPs, TV & Radio stations will play their songs as if there’s no tomorrow.

Fair is fair. I can name some A-Listers whose music between 2021 and now hasn’t been up to par but they are getting maximum airplay, so where is the fair treatment in that?

Please upcoming acts don’t stop putting out new music because you feel you are not getting airplay on radio, work hard and smart this year, blow and do SHAKARA for every producer, OAP, radio/tV station, everyone who doubted your skills or made you jump hoops just because you were trying to get heard/known.

And to all those who support talent whether you are blown, known or unknown, producers, OAPs, radio/TV stations keep up the good work. THANK YOU for supporting and promoting good music. May your light never dim & may your goodwill always pave the way for you.

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