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Double Standards in the Music Industry

As an artiste don’t take offense when people put your work down. It can be very annoying & depressing to hear people give their opinion of your music or what they think/feel you should do, yet when it comes to helping you promote, get airplay or recommend your music to people they won’t. Remember it is their opinion so they’re entitled to it but it doesn’t always mean it’s the truth/right/correct.

I’ve had music executives, producers, radio people & artistes I thot I was on a good footing with, put me on a long thing. When I send them a song to preview or ask for a collaboration with their artiste, they make a litany of excuses, oh she/he is working on his/her album & doesn’t want distractions right now maybe after the album is done, or your artiste doesn’t have lots of views or streams, or ok I’ll get back to you and that’s the end. You’ll hear all sorts of reasons why their artiste can’t collaborate or be featured by your little known or upcoming artiste no matter how good he/she is or sounds.

Meanwhile, during the same period you might hear several features or collabos they have done/did with other artistes, the same person who doesn’t want distraction. Unfair right? Life isn’t fair, so take it in your stride. When it’s your time, God’s time, NOBODY can take your shine & even if they try to, just like a pregnancy can’t be covered with the hands they won’t succeed. So while you wait for that time, do what you must, work harder, work smarter & keep praying.

I’ve had people ignore my DMs & act like they didn’t see or receive it(some will say send an email, well that’s even worse cos even your biggest artistes or their team won’t respond to your emails, even when you explain that you are contacting them with respect to a booking or job) it takes them days to respond & that’s when/if they do. Some don’t pick up calls or even afford you the courtesy of a call back.

I’ve had several producers turn me around acting like I am a nuisance simply because the artiste I want them to give a chance & listen to or produce hasn’t blown or isn’t a big act. Imagine me who supposedly knows everybody in the industry right?

Now imagine how difficult it MUST be for an upcoming artiste who has nobody pushing, pleading or interceding on their behalf. All I am saying is that in the music INDUSTRY there are lots of challenges so it’s usually a case of who you know or are affiliated to/with or the machinery behind you or how much funding you have access to. As a rising artiste you will always face different challenges and stumbling blocks, but don’t allow these things make you lose focus. Always keep your eyes on the price, because the end justifies the means.

To launch a relatively new artiste takes between 50 – 60 Million Naira & that’s me being conservative. Some will ask, so without this an artiste can’t be seen/heard? Of cos but it still boils down to who is pushing, promoting or on your side? Who you know, how long your legs are or who you’re in partnership with. So no matter how difficult it may seem always try to build bridges instead of burning them. Build friendships you can tap into. Obviously not everyone will like you, or you want to be your friend but make sure you choose the right symbiotic relationships that will help move you forward.

Note: not all relationships or contacts provide immediate value, some prove useful in the long run, while some will take nurturing. So always choose wisely because at the end of the day, you alone have the right of choice and whatever your decision is you will live with it, regret it or gain from it.

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE SUPPORTING AND PUSHING UNKNOWN & UPCOMING ARTISTES without minding the challenges involved. Keep up the good work.

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